Hello and thank you for visiting my website!

Thank you so much for stopping by the website.  Feel free to peruse and read.  However, I am headed on a road trip.

Starting Monday, July 21st, I'm closing the studio for a very well deserved and needed vacation.  Well, it's more like a learning time / vacation.  I'm off to Emporia, Kansas to visit the GRS Training Center to take a stone-setting and engraving class.  Whoopee!  It's gonna be fun.

NOTE:  the photos above are not of Kansas, well at least I don't think they are, but I'm hoping it's rural like the pictures either on the drive there or somewhere along the way.  

The engraving class is a week long, so the remainder of the time I will be road-tripping all the way to sunny California from Charlotte, NC, to see family and friends I haven't visited in over 3 years.  

I will not be in the studio to fill orders, teach classes or have studio time available until September 1st.  However, I will be checking email and will have my phone with me to capture those interesting spots and check in on Facebook and Twitter.  If you have questions, feel free to send me a note by pressing the envelope icon below and I'll answer them from the safety of a vista point or rest area.

If you're curious about the road trip, be sure to come by the gallery page for "Road Trip" over the coming weeks to see what I've been up to on my travels.